Victory’s Price by Alexander Freed #AlphabetSquadron #StarWars #BookReview

“Victory’s Price” by Alexander Freed

Alexander Freed’s latest Star Wars novel, “Victory’s Price” was the final installment of the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy. In my opinion, this novel was the best of the three. What an enjoyable, thrilling and satisfying end to a new Star Wars chapter. This concluding story ties a bow on the series and makes reading through the first two books in the trilogy (“Alphabet Squadron” and “Shadow Fall”) completely worth it. I recommend reading the series in order as each story builds on the one that came before it.

“Victory’s Price” picks up where the previous story left off. Yrica Quell has deserted Alphabet Squadron and the New Republic is still tracking down Shadow Wing who is out looking to fulfill the last wishes of Emperor Palpatine, seeking to destroy dissenting worlds, planet by planet, similar to their first mission, Operation Cinder.

Much of Alphabet Squadron is still intact since some of their previous encounters with Shadow Wing and the old rivalries too persist. This latest adventure was the most rewarding as Freed throughout the trilogy did a great job of developing the characters in a way where you watch each person’s transformation up until the final battle. Despite The Empire’s definitive defeat at Endor, the war rages on and the New Republic is doing everything it can to put an end to the struggle and restore peace to the galaxy.

The persistent question in this final chapter remains, but at what price?

Get a copy of “Victory’s Price” by Alexander Freed on Amazon here.


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