Stop Here, This is the Place by Susan Conley, Photography by Winky Lewis #Inspiration #BookReview

“Stop Here, This is the Place” by Susan Conley

Wow! “Stop Here, This is the Place” was beautiful. Beautiful photography and beautiful poetry, small stories told about a moment in time, this photograph that stirs a wave of emotions. Some of childhood and growing up, and now some of parenting and raising children.

The photographs taken once a week for a year by Winky Lewis and then a short story, a poem really about the feelings and the thoughts and the emotions that the picture spoke to her. There is so much that this simple book and its premise calls out to the reader about recognizing the world around you, about taking in each moment and savoring it, about looking back on the past and your memory and making sense of what you came from and where you are headed.

After reading this book I was stirred to find a picture and start to write. A poem. A story. Anything. I love creative works of art and whimsy that make me want to be creative. There is something in this book that roused a creative passion and a need to speak in any number of ways even if it was just for me.

This was an excellent book. It is one that I will want to revisit again and again. It is one that teaches and shows and speaks on a deeper level.

Get a copy of “Stop Here, This is the Place” by Susan Conley, Winky Lewis on Amazon here.


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