Galaxies #Poetry #Love #Journey

Photo by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

I want to reach out
and touch you
my forefinger
touching yours
the feeling reverberates
through our entire bodies
I want to pull you close
into my chest
your soft and smooth
body scented with honeysuckle
the warmth radiates
within each of us
I want to brush
your cheek with mine
the tender, supple skin
prickling my stubble
the sensation tingles
up our spines
as our heads swirl with emotion
two galaxies 
in concentric orbit

© 2021 Jason A. Muckley

I hope you enjoyed this poem! I am working on a new chapbook of poetry that should be published in the next month or so (April-May-June 2021 timeframe). The working title of the chapbook is “Together Apart and the Road to Recovery.” It will likely feature this poem and about 50-60 other poems. Some of the poems have been posted here on my blog and some I have never shared before.

Stay tuned here on my blog for any more updates and nuggets about this new project 😊

– Jason



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