My Poetry Collections (eBook & Paperback)

Seasons of Nature_cover

My newest collection of poetry, Seasons of Nature, is now available for purchase on Amazon:

Seasons of Nature (Paperback) is available now on Amazon for $10.99.

Seasons of Nature (eBook) is available for Amazon Kindle devices for only $7.99.

This latest collection of poetry is a full-length book including over 100 poems of varying form and topic relating to nature, the seasons, and the outdoors.

My first chapbook of poetry, Poems for Warriors: A Collection of Poems from the Battle, is also available on Amazon for purchase. Follow the links below.

Poems for Warriors: A Collection of Poems from the Battle (eBook for Amazon Kindle) only $2.99

Poems for Warriors (Paperback available on Amazon) only $5.99

If you love all you read here on my blog, please check out my books too! None of my poems in my first chapbook have ever been published on the blog so all the content in that book is completely new.


Check out both books, and if you enjoy them, please leave a kind review wherever you review books!

Thanks for reading!

– Jason