New Journey


I know this is a Poetry blog but I want to share recent updates, successes and failures, and also share about my new journey and my new experiences. I want to share about trying new things that I’ve never done before, about learning new skills, and then about how it affects me positively or negatively.

I will post about these experiences with the tags #New & #Journey in the subject to chronicle this journey and adventure. I expect to post about these new experiences at least once a week, maybe more often. I hope to take pictures to share and then write about those experiences in my poetry.

I feel like in the season I find myself, it is healthy for me, not only to write about my struggles, failures and pain, but also to relish in my triumphs, to share my accomplishments, to share about what makes me feel alive, and hopefully encourage others on a similar journey no matter your stage of life. I am sure that you can find similar experiences to the ones I endeavor to undertake within a drive of your own locale.

Join me on this journey… and thank you all for your encouragement and patience!

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– Jason

Now, if my newfound sense of adventure doesn’t inspire you maybe this old article from Alex Lickerman M.D. on Psychology Today’s website might:

Trying New Things | Psychology Today

Reasons to Try Something New:

  1. Trying something new often requires courage.
  2. Trying something new opens up the possibility for you to enjoy something new.
  3. Trying something new keeps you from becoming bored.
  4. Trying something new forces you to grow.