“Looking Outside the Window,” My Newest Poetry Chapbook is Now Available on #Amazon #Self-Published


My latest poetry chapbook, “Looking Outside the Window: Verses for Surviving Quarantine,” is now available exclusively on Amazon.

I wrote this chapbook first as a series of poems here on “Poems for Warriors,” but then later I added some new poems that were never before published and organized them all into a cohesive book. I started writing poetry during the COVID-19 quarantine about my feelings and emotions and experiences of the quarantine, my fears about the virus, and how the world has changed.

These ideas applied both to myself but also I feel like universally many other people I spoke with had the same experiences and feelings. I thought that writing them down, and making a collection of poems was the best way to capture them all in one place.

My hope in publishing “Looking Outside the Window” was to make connections with people during this pandemic and bring people hope that “this too shall pass,” and that we are all in this together.

If you are looking for something new to read while you ride out “safer at home” orders, consider getting a copy of “Looking Outside the Window” as an eBook or paperback.

Thanks for your support!

– Jason


  1. Best wishes for your book. Jason, did you publish this through Amazon’s network? I am curious because one of my future goals would be to publish an anthology of poems and short stories.


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