My Poetry Chapbook, “Faith & Doubt” is Available Now on #Amazon #Self-Published

Faith & Doubt_cover

I recently self-published a new poetry chapbook, “Faith & Doubt: Finding God Amidst the Brokenness of Life” available now on Amazon.

Over the past three years, I have been writing poetry, and going through some significant challenges and changes in my personal life. I dug through the past few years worth of poetry and came up with over thirty poems I wrote during some of hardest times of my life. Some of these poems are prayers, others are thoughts about my circumstances, and still others are psalms I wrote crying out to God for help, comfort, or wisdom.

I organized this new chapbook, a collection of 36 poems in all, 12 of which are completely brand-new and never published anywhere else before, into 3 sections: Faith, Doubt, and a closing section entitled, Immanuel.

Immanuel is a Hebrew word meaning, “God with us.” Immanuel is first referenced in Isaiah 7 as a prophecy of a coming savior for the people of Israel. When Jesus arrives, the prophecy is fulfilled in Matthew 1:23. This section of poetry highlights the times that I have experienced the presence of Jesus in that way continually over the past several years. He is not a far away God. He has always been right there with me through every trial.

If you want to help support me and poetry I share here, consider buying this book or any one of my other poetry books available on Amazon. Each of my collections are available in either eBook or paperback formats.

Faith & Doubt (eBook for Kindle)

Faith & Doubt (Paperback)

Seasons of Nature (eBook for Kindle)

Seasons of Nature (Paperback)

Poems for Warriors (eBook for Kindle)

Poems for Warriors (Paperback)

Thank you for all of your support!

– Jason



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