The Vast of Night #MovieReview #AmazonPrime #Free #Streaming

Calling all nostalgic sci-fi movie buffs!

Amazon Prime Video just released a new film available FREE to Amazon Prime members to stream called, “The Vast of Night,” directed by Andrew Patterson. The film stars Sierra McCormick as Fay Crocker and Jake Horowitz as Everett Sloan, a small town radio DJ in Cayuga, New Mexico in the 1950s.

This film pays homage to some of the classic sci-fi films and shows of yesteryear including: The World of the Wars, The Twilight Zone, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The film is a “fun” thriller that keeps your attention throughout. I wouldn’t say it was masterful filmmaking, but I thought that it was a good start for a directorial debut? I only saw this film in Patterson’s imdb profile, and it reminded me of a film like Super 8.

Nostalgic science fiction.

It made for a nice night in with a bowl of popcorn and an open mind. If you have Prime and you enjoy sci-fi movies, check it out for free with your Prime subscription!

Watch “The Vast of Night” on Amazon Prime Video here.


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