I am not Writing or Creating Enough #Journey #Inspiration #WritingGoals

Rain on a Window / Artwork by Jason Muckley © 2022

I am sorry friends.

I have neglected my work here.

It has been far too long since I have committed to both my creative work and my creative goals for this year. Late at the end of the 2021, I was planning a new poetry collection, and I lost steam and got distracted.

I am not going to make excuses for getting off-track, instead I am going to re-commit myself to my creative work, especially my writing. I love to write. I enjoy coming up with poems and sharing the last happenings in my world. I enjoy getting feedback and hearing about what you think of what I am working on.

I still have 30 or so poems to write to get close to finishing my latest poetry collection. Usually there is some wheedling down of what I wrote that takes place and a few more poems materialize during the process of assembling my collection. It isn’t an exact science.

There are 25 days left in July. I feel like if I commit to writing 15 new poems in July and 15 poems in August, then I will be close. I could take the month of September to assemble the collection and release it around the first week of October.

Goals motivate me.

Even if I don’t hit my goal or target release date, having something to aim at works better than writing when I feel “inspired.” Sometimes I write when I don’t feel inspired but the process of getting something down on paper starts to inspire me to write more and more.

So those are my summer goals, how about you? What motivates you? What are you planning to do for the next three months? Share your answers in the comments section below.

– Jason



  1. Hello Jason, unlike you I write a poem if I come across a picture that holds my attention, makes me want to find the owner of it, then I’ll write a poem to embrace it. I also write about my two cats.

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