The Exposure #Poetry #Journey

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

i am facing the other direction
when i hear a voice
i thought it was your voice
calm and reassuring
i turn to you
and reach out my hand to take yours
i see your face aghast
your eyes indicate you didn’t speak
i turn to the other side
and see the who spoke
i stumble for only a moment
and regain my composure
i blush red hot
caught with my feelings exposed 
i don’t hear another word
as my mind races
i will never be able to look 
into your eyes again
i am naked
from the inside out

© 2022 Jason A. Muckley



  1. Don’t take this as being harsh. That’s not my intention. I find your writing to have matured from a year or 2 ago. It has a lot of depth and feeling. It moves the reader. I can’t really explain it. It’s like a bud has open to reveal it’s full beauty. I like how you us the letter “i”. Life is not about us but how others infuse our being. I hope this make sense to you. I can’t explain it in words.

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