The Case For Heaven #Movie #FREE

A new Christian film, “The Case for Heaven” is out for only 3 days in April and with promo code HEAVEN22 you can see the film free from

Here’s a description of the film from the Producers:

THE CASE FOR HEAVEN, coming to theaters this April for three nights only.

Based on the book published by Zondervan Books and written by New York Times best-selling author Lee Strobel, the documentary answers the questions of what awaits us after death, the evidence for Heaven and Hell, and what really happens in Near-Death Experiences.

In THE CASE FOR HEAVEN, director Mani Sandoval takes audiences on a fascinating journey to discover what happens after we die. Lee Strobel explores the evidence for an afterlife as he addresses mankind’s biggest fear: death. THE CASE FOR HEAVEN was inspired by Strobel’s own brush with death and will challenge, encourage and inspire viewers. The documentary includes interviews with world-renowned pastor Francis Chan, best-selling author John Burke, Evangelist Luis Palau, and more.

To get tickets to the movie click on this link to Fandango’s page. Search for theaters near you and choose seats. Check out with the promo code HEAVEN22 to get up to two tickets free.

Learn more about the film at:



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