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I need to set some new goals for myself, especially when it comes to my writing.

When I can consistently write everyday, I feel like my thoughts are better ordered, my emotional health improves, and my overall wellbeing is enhanced.

Even if I am journaling about things, good or bad, how I want them to be, or how things are not the way I’d like, it helps me to see what is going on. In seasons of my when I am journaling, writing poetry or short stories, those times in my life I feel better about my situation and about myself.

Writing for me is often a type of “self-talk” where I am checking in with myself and processing my feelings about things. As the holiday season approaches, as life changes around me seem to loom large, I think this is the ideal time to set some personal writing goals.

So here goes.

Personal Writing Goals for November/December 2021:

  • Journal everyday
  • Write 30 new poems
  • Write 5 new poems using new forms that you’ve never tried before
  • Write 10 new poems using a “prompt” that you might not have written about before
  • Publish a new “mini” collection by the end of January 2022

All of these goals sound fun to me. They are inspiring. They give me a “target” to reach for with the end of 2021 fast approaching. This makes me happy! I know it will be a real challenge to stick to, but it is a noble endeavor that will get me out of the current funk I am in with my writing.

Wish me luck!

What goals do you have for the end of the year (or for the coming year)? Share in the comments below.



  1. This is great! I look forward to updates from you.

    I would like to just write freely without thinking and also trying a writing prompt. I find when I see prompts, I just freeze and say β€œforget it. I’m blank”

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    • Thanks!

      Yeah I get it… I try to just journal to start. Writing out what’s on my mind, writing down my thoughts and usually that leads to some poetry inspiration. Prompts and forms can some times be there own type of challenge rather than inspiration.

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  2. Jason, I appreciate reading about your writing goals. As writers, we can benefit from reflection and adjustment in our writing journey. While I try to write something each day, I have added more structure to my weekly posts with a mixture of Christian and general themed poetry, short stories, and occasional features.

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  3. Good luck! My writing goals are currently more like wishes. I wish to finish my novella by the end of 2021, but at this rate I won’t actually finish it until the end of 2022.

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  4. To quote Anne Frank, “Paper is more patient than people” which is why journaling feels so therapeutic. After 17 years of writing speeches for politicians, I find that some days it just feels good to watch what ideas flow out of the tip of the pen without them being judged and evaluated.
    Keep writing and keep encouraging others to write, as well.

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  5. It’s one thing to set goals, and it’s another to turn them into actionable things. Your goals are very actionable, and I like that. Perhaps I too should start listing down what I plan to do. Anyway, it’s the end of Nov/Dec. How has things been with them? Also, wishing you a great year end, Jason!

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  6. I signed up for two classes at my local community college in the spring. Creative Writing and Intro to English Lit. I’m so excited (and nervous) about these classes.

    My “word” for 2022 is Focus! I want to focus more on my writing and hope to start working on a book. πŸ™‚

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