2021 Book Reading Challenge COMPLETE #Journey #Books #Goodreads

I’ve completed my 2021 book reading challenge on Goodreads. This year I challenged myself to read 150 books! It was actually fewer than in 2020, and as you might notice there were some children’s books and middle grade level chapter books that I enjoy reading to and with my kids.

I am counting those 😉

Really, the challenge is a personal goal and I am not comparing myself to any other super readers out there. I love reading and when I find a book I loved, I love to share it with others. That is a big part of my blog here as you might already know.

There were some great books I read this year and there are still a few I am reading. It is very likely I add another 5 or 10 books to my list before the year is through. I am getting to close to finishing “The Two Towers” with my oldest.

If I loved the book, you will probably find the review on my website if you search for the book title. If I thought it was just okay, or that it was already covered by countless reviewers before me, you might not see it here. You can always leave a comment or send me a message if you want to know about a book I read or need a recommendation. 😁

Do you have a favorite book you read in 2021? How did you do on your reading challenge?

Share your thoughts and comments below!



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