Maps Without Borders #YesenaMontilla #Belonging #Inspiration #Immigration

I wish maps would be without borders and that we belonged to no one and to everyone at once, what a world that would be.

Yesena Montilla

What a world that would be indeed!

Why is it that our place of origin, our birthplace, the family we are born into, so dramatically affects the trajectory of our lives?

Why is one “defined” by this, by no choice of their own, without any means to change it?

Belonging is a profound and far-reaching aspect of life for all human beings. It is a central part of who we are and how we act in almost every social setting. When you feel “out-of-place” or left out in a setting, it is cause for great distress and uncomfortability. Finding a group of people where you belong, with others who love you just the way you are, warts and all, is an important and core need for all people.

The current state of affairs between the rich and the poor, affluent nations and less fortunate nations, is very dismal right now. In your own sphere of influence, consider ways in which you can be more welcoming to those around you. Let the people around you know that they belong.



  1. There is a place…a map… without borders. You probably belong to this place. It is the kingdom of God. It transcends borders, cultures,places… and all who wish to belong belong. Blessings!

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