Make It Right by Maverick City featuring Dante Bowe, Todd Dulaney & Jekalyn Carr #MakeItRight #Juneteenth #Gospel

Maverick City is a community of song-writing worshippers based in Atlanta, Georgia. They recently recorded a new live album on Juneteenth, June 18, 2021, entitled, “Jubilee.” Jubilee was a biblical term that marked an anniversary of freedom. It was a time when debts were cancelled and slaves were set free. “Make It Right” is Maverick City’s first single of this album.

Freedom and individual rights are concepts that originate from the Bible. It comes because in Christian societies, each person is seen as an image bearer of God. Each individual has significant worth because of that identity bestowed on every man and woman. In the eyes of God, all men and women are considered equal, no better than any other, no matter a person’s race, sex, income, bloodline, or any other distinguishing characteristics.

Check out their website Maverick City Music: Their “About Us” page declares that they are: UNORTHODOX, FREE SPIRIT, RULE BREAKER, ONE THAT BREAKS AWAY FROM THE HERD.

“Make It Right” Lyrics by Maverick City:

Verse 1
I remember when sin was sin
I remember when wrong was wrong
I remember when we all fell short
But got back up much quicker than the fall

I’m praying that You open our eyes
Praying that You open our eyes again
Father please open our eyes
Father please open our eyes again

Verse 2
I remember when the left was left
I remember when we had respect
I remember when my mama said no
It’s exactly what she meant
And then she’d follow up and say
Because I told you so

I’m pray that you open our eyes
Praying that You open our eyes again
Father please open our eyes
Father please open our eyes again

You can take what’s wrong
You can make it write
With some holy conviction
A little loving and correction
You can take these burdens
Give us one that’s light
Here I am Jesus Here I am Jesus

“Make It Right”, written by Dante Bowe, Todd Dulaney, Alton Eugene, and Mitch Wong is the first single off of Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition released on June 18th, 2021. Recorded at a live worship event celebrating Juneteenth.

Get a copy of the album “Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition” by Maverick City Music on Amazon.


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