Surrounded (Fight My Battles) by Bethel Music featuring Kari Jobe #Worship #Peace #Inspiration

In the midst of the chaos that was 2020 featuring the COVID-19 pandemic and a tumultuous election year filled with vitriol on both sides, Bethel Music released a new album called, “Peace.” It includes some of the most popular worship songs they’ve written and released over the past several years, and it sounds like a lullaby.

Listening to the album you can sit and soak in the words of God over you and the truth that is still true despite the circumstance you are facing. I could listen to it for hours!

The first song on the album is “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” sung by Kari Jobe with Bethel’s worship band accompanying. It is a very simple song leaving the listener to focus on God’s voice rather than lots of words or verses.

“Surrounded (Fight My Battle)” by Bethel Music lyrics:

This is how I fight my battles

It may look like I’m surrounded
But I’m surrounded by You

Rock of Ages
Cleft for me
Let me hide, let me hide

Let me hide myself in thee

Songwriter: Elyssa Smith

Get a copy of the album, “Peace” by Bethel Music on Amazon here.


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