Love Like This / No One Like You (Spontaneous) / Break Every Chain by Hope Darst and The Belonging Co. #Inspiration #Worship #Spontaneous

Do you have some time today to take a moment, to sit down and soak in God’s presence? This medley of beautiful worship featuring Hope Darst, Henry Seeley and The Belonging Co. will blow you away!

Just sit, sing if you want, or just listen. Meditate on the Lord. Engage your Spirit with the One who cares for your soul. You will be encouraged!

I really appreciated the bridge of the song and some of the spontaneous worship:

You don’t leave me
Where You found me
You pull me up out of the mess
You don’t leave me brokenhearted
You never break Your promises
You keep giving second chances
Far above what I deserve
You keep telling me I’m worth it
Not a love I have to earn

Oh, this love is
Nothing like I’ve ever known before
Oh, this love is complete
This love is beautiful

Oh, I’ve never known love like this
I’ve never known love like this
You love is healing
Your love’s redeeming
Your love it breaks off chains
And sets the captives free
Your love delivers and heals me
Your love’s a bastion
Your love is constant
Your love is ever present
In every storm, in every high and every low
Your love has gone before me
It’s gone before me
Oh Your love
Oh Your love
It’s so amazing

Hope you have a great Sunday!

– Jason


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