Wireless #Quibi #Review

“Wireless,” an original 10-episode show on Quibi was a thrilling experience that can be viewed only on a phone or tablet via the Quibi app. It is New Years Eve and a University of Colorado, Boulder college student is up in the mountain trying to get back to his friends to celebrate when a blizzard shuts down the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70. Desperate to get home to his friends, Andy (Tye Sheridan) takes a detour trying to make it through the storm.

What is so cool about the series is that with the Quibi app you can view the show in landscape (view of Andy) and portrait (view of Andy’s iPhone) as the gripping action unfolds. Each episode is about 8 minutes and each ticks down another 10% of Andy’s iPhone battery life. There are 10 episodes marking each chunk of battery remaining before the phone dies.

The show also stars Andie MacDowell, Mace Coronel, Lukas Gage and Francesca Reale. The series was written and directed by Zach Wechter.

Watch the series one episode after another almost like a movie, or episode by episode like a TV show. Either way, it is exciting and chilling as a believable story of survival with time running out.


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