A21 Global Freedom Summit #GlobalFreedomSummit

Be a modern-day abolitionist!

Did you know that at our time in history there are more slaves than there have ever been in any other time in history?

The Global Slavery Index 2018 estimated that there were about 40.3 million people enslaved around the world and that number has only increased the past couple years.

It is a sad statistic that continues to rise. Yet, there is reason to hope as more and more people become aware of the growing problem, get information about the signs and where to look, and then take action to help those in need and to bring to justice the perpetuators of such a heinous crime.

How can you join the fight? A21.org has materials and action plans for anyone wanting to join the fight. Specifically, they categorize the plan to end slavery into three categories: advocate, canvas, and learn.

You can do one of those three things now. Go to their website to learn more!




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