When things get Hard, just Remember Who I Am #Inspiration #Journey

When things get hard, just remember who I am.

You are not in control in this life. Sometimes we like to “control” things to try and grab a hold of life as it seems to spin out of control.

I was jotting down some thoughts about life and my current circumstances, and I heard the Lord speak to me the words above.

My relationship with God doesn’t solve all of my problems. He doesn’t fix everything that is broken. He isn’t a magical genie at my beck and call.

He is the Lord. That means that He is in control… of everything. Reading the Bible, you come across experiences that everyday, normal people have with an all-powerful, infinite God. They aren’t any different from you or me, but oftentimes they are in some dire circumstances without any way out.

In their desperation and without any other option they reach out to God. In every situation and circumstance God responds. He responds in the exact way that each person needs.

Their response to his unmerited favor are the names that He has been given throughout the Bible…

The God who sees

The God who provides

The strong tower

Prince of Peace


Everlasting Father

…just to name a few. I will leave it up to you to discover who God is to you.

Read about these people and their stories and reach out to God in your own struggle, with all your flaws, your disappointments, and listen for His reassuring voice.

– Jason



  1. Amen. The truth of the Bible reaches across centuries to still be relevant today. The God who was and is and ever shall be still reaches out to humanity today.

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  2. Life is everything, everyone, every way. It’s difficult and beautiful, not at all predictable: I suppose that is what God is, to me. All of us. Life. Difficult and beautiful. πŸ™‚ I hope you’re getting through life and finding the silver linings, Jason. I love a good silver lining, myself. πŸ™‚

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