Winding Road #Poetry #Journey

Photo by Brad Fickeisen on Unsplash

driving the open road
sparse vegetation dotting the landscape
mountains in the distance
turning around a corner
what lies beyond
hidden from view
until the journey
becomes the destination

© 2020 Jason A. Muckley

If you enjoyed this poem, please consider ordering a copy of my poetry collection, “Oceans of Unknown,” which focuses on the many twists and turns of the journey of life. It is a collection containing three chapbooks of poems, each containing a unique perspective on the various aspects of life and each person’s unique journey.

“Oceans of Unknown” by Jason A. Muckley

“Oceans of Unknown” includes three previously published chapbooks, “Relentless Force,” “Looking Outside the Window,” and “Faith & Doubt” into a single, cohesive full-length collection of poems, while retaining distinctions for each book. “Oceans of Unknown” includes a new introduction to all three works as well as an index for quick access for quick reference to the location of a favorite.

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  1. Wonderful, Jason! I absolutely love that idea that the journey, is, in fact, the destination. We’re always trying to get somewhere else. But here is so beautiful if only we look in the right places. x


  2. Jason, your poem and photo remind me of driving through extreme northeastern Colorado on my way to the Denver area. The landscape’s contrast was evident with the view along the highway with the majestic peaks to the west.

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