“Relentless Force” Available for Pre-Order on Amazon to be Released July 14! #Self-Published #Preorder

“Relentless Force” Poems by Jason A. Muckley

I am finishing up my latest collection of poems manuscript, “Relentless Force,” which will be released in less than three weeks! The new chapbook is available on Amazon to pre-order now.

I plan to release the eBook and paperback versions on July 14, 2020!

“Relentless Force” is $3.99 as an eBook for Amazon Kindle and $7.99 as a paperback.

Getting a copy of this new book and others previously published is a great way to support all of my work here on Poems For Warriors, and future projects I am working on. Below are links to my previously published works on Amazon:

Poems for Warriors eBook

Poems for Warrior Paperback

Seasons of Nature eBook

Seasons of Nature Paperback

Faith & Doubt eBook

Faith & Doubt Paperback

Looking Outside the Window eBook

Looking Outside the Window Paperback

Thank you all for your support! Feel free to re-post on your own blogs and share with friends and family!

– Jason


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