Followers by Megan Angelo #BookReview

“Followers” by Megan Angelo

“Followers” by Megan Angelo is a literary fiction novel about life after the private Internet. There is an Internet “leak” that ruins the privatized Internet, which becomes state-controlled to protect people’s identity. In addition to the leak, the blue light emitted from LCD monitors, TVs and the ubiquitous smartphone, have scrambled the minds of the older generations causing premature death. “Followers” refer to viewers of celebrity personalities that sell their personal lives, they are filmed constantly at all times by networks for people to tune in and watch, comment on, and gossip about.

I thought the subject and discussion about “posting” our private lives on the Internet and how someone becomes a Internet celebrity in this day and age were all interesting and original themes to explore. I enjoyed the parallel stories between the main characters before and after the leak.

This was a very interesting book about things to consider during modern times and the consequences of the roads we are going down in ten, twenty, fifty years.

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