Looking Outside the Window is FREE on Memorial Day, May 25 and Tuesday, May 26 on Amazon #Journey


If you regularly follow my blog and read my poetry here, feel free to get a Kindle eBook version of my new book, “Looking Outside the Window” for FREE on Amazon on Memorial Day, May 25 and Tuesday, May 26!

My main focus during this marketing campaign is to get some new readers to be introduced to my work and to connect with people who’ve already read my poetry. If you are a regular follower, I would love if you get a copy of my book and leave a helpful review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other place you rate and review books.

Doing this will help me grow my audience and generate some buzz for my work! If you have a book you are trying to promote, feel free to contact me in the comments or via email and I would love to review your work here and on sites i post my reviews.

If you’d like to directly support me, consider purchasing “Looking Outside the Window” or my other collections of poetry on Amazon via the links below:

Faith & Doubt: Finding God Amidst the Brokenness of Life

Seasons of Nature: A Collection of Poems

Poems for Warriors: A Collection of Poems from the Battle

Looking Outside the Window: Verses for Surviving Quarantine


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