The Writing Life is Only Romantic on Paper #DonaldMiller #ScaryClose #AmWriting #Inspiration

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“The writing life is only romantic on paper. The reality is, what writers write and the way they live can be as different as a lump of coal and a diamond. The written life is shined to a deceptive gloss.” -Donald Miller, Scary Close

Donald Miller is one of my favorite writers. I love how he is authentic and vulnerable in his writing. He doesn’t sugar-coat things but let’s it all hang out. He talks about his struggles and his failures. He didn’t marry until he was 42-years old.

“Scary Close” is a book on his fear of intimacy and how he learned to truly love.

I like the quote above because it is so true. In the writing process, there is a carefully crafted “story” that is revealed in writing that may be far from reality and even far from the truth. When I write, I hope that I can authentically share who I am and not get too far down the “deceptive gloss” path that sometimes comes through.

I am just starting this book and I already love it. I will share some of my favorite inspirational quotes here and my thoughts about why I liked them.

Get a copy of “Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy” by Donald Miller on Amazon.



  1. Raw, unhindered writing which put the writer in a vulnerable position is so much more relatable to the reader in my view. I love when a writer doesn’t exhibit feelings of being better that everyone else or beyond normal human experience. Great post!


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