Damaged goods #Poetry #Divorce #Journey

A stigma around divorcees
Like every marriage must work out
Till death do us part
The sacred vow
A bond for a lifetime
Together forever
It’s all too simple
There is no room for the messiness of real life
Broken hearts
Broken relationships
Broken homes
I don’t know anyone who is whole
I haven’t met anyone without a past
Finding a perfect partner is a fantasy
A pipe dream to put off what scares you
Getting back up
Back in the game
For me, I made some bad mistakes
I am far from perfect
I don’t have it all put together
What I do have is awareness
I know my flaws
I can see my sin
I recognize my struggles
I have learned from this
I am different now
I dare say I have changed
What now?
I don’t know what the future holds
I will show up everyday
And see what comes
The only way to end your life is to stop showing up

I didn’t think this would be a part of my story, but sometimes we don’t get to write our story. Sometimes we live and the living writes our story.

© 2020 Jason A. Muckley



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