Ember Rising by S.D. Smith #BookReview #Childrens

Ember Rising

“Ember Rising,” S.D. Smith’s third book of his Green Ember quartet packs a little more action with more intensity and thrill than his second book in the series.

Picket, Heather, Emma, and Helmer are all back facing a daunting war that continues to rage and that they seem destined to lose. Right at the end of “Ember Falls,” Heather and Picket become separated, Heather sacrifices herself for her queen, and Picket heads out with Helmer to recruit new rabbits to the cause.

For the first time, the siblings are not together and Smith begins telling the story with diverging story lines and parallel sequences. This book takes the series in a new direction and I liked it. I was a bit surprised at where it ended, mostly because I thought the books were a trilogy. However, the final chapter in the series, “Ember’s End” is expected to be released later this year in April 2020. My kids and I are waiting expectantly.

We listened to the audiobook in the car from school to home or on short trips around town in 20-30 minute spurts with my three kids. Narrator and musician, Joel Clarkson did a fabulous job narrating as he has done throughout the series. It is a very enjoyable way to read the book. The entire series as audiobooks have been very well done. A good reader really adds better quality to the book as a whole.

The series is suited for kids between the ages of maybe 8 and 12 years old. My younger kids struggle to follow the story line and sometimes will not let us continue when they are bored of it. My oldest, a nine-year-old is enthralled with the story.

Get a copy of the book on Amazon here.


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