Thrawn: Treason by Timothy Zahn #BookReview #StarWars #Thrawn

Thrawn_Treason_Timothy Zahn

Timothy Zahn’s third installment in his latest Thrawn series, “Thrawn: Treason” was a return to form for Zahn. It was on par with the first book in the series, and far superior to the second. Thrawn finds himself as Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy’s seventh fleet with a new task to clear up an aggravating supply chain issue plaguing Director Krennic’s secret Death Star project, code named “Stardust.”

As Thrawn digs deeper into the issues that arise, he comes in contact with his former compatriots of the Chiss Ascendancy. Thrawn must walk a fine line of working with alien people, foreign to the Empire, and Krennic’s assistant director, Ronin, who is working against Thrawn, hoping his efforts will fail. Swirling questions about where Thrawn’s loyalty lies and a conspiracy within the Empire fuel the speculation and mystery throughout the novel.

Like I did for the previous Thrawn novels, I listened to the audiobook with accompanying John Williams soundtrack, blaster sound effects, sensor beeps, and the ambient noise aboard the Chimera. The added effects made the “reading” experience that much more satisfying. While it still didn’t come close to the original’s depth and interest, “Treason” was an exceptional read which I flew through. 🚀

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