Birds Sing and Butterflies Soar Amidst the Storms of Life #AmyCarmichael #Inspiration #Journey

Photo by Smarko on Pixabay

“If God can make his birds to whistle in drenched and stormy darkness, if he can make his butterflies able to bear up under rain, what can he not do for the heart that trusts him?” -Amy Carmichael

I am reading an ARC (advanced review copy) of an upcoming book by Amy Carmichael entitled “The Way and No Other,” that is a cohesive collection of some of her classic writings republished for today.

It is one part biography, one part inspirational wisdom shared of her experiences trusting God, following Him in a life as a single woman, missionary in India in the early 1900s.

She is most famous for founding the Dohnavur Fellowship, an orphanage in Southern India that brought young girls out of forced prostitution. These young girls were sold by their families as Hindu temple sex slaves. She fought to deliver these children from their dire circumstances, giving them a home, food, and an education.

She served as a missionary in India for more than 55 years, dedicating herself to demonstrating Christ’s love to children whom their own parents abandoned and rejected.

Amy Carmichael with children (Public Domain)

The quote from Ms. Carmichael above is in reference to God’s creation that He can create something as simple and fragile as a bird or butterfly that could “survive” monsoon conditions in India without any concern, even to the point that simple songbirds will go on singing, even delighting itself in the middle of a torrential downpour.

When we face storms in our life, God never ever abandons us. He never leaves us to figure it out on our own. He is always right there in the middle of the storm with us, by our side, leading and guiding us in His divine plan for our lives. He is trustworthy.

Turn to Him. Count on His power to see you through this day. Trust Him to make a way amidst the raging storm that surrounds you on every side.

– Jason



  1. Jason, thank you for sharing this post. Carmichael’s quote and your discussion take me to Proverbs 3:5-6. A teenage boy near my home is heroically battling cancer, and he shared these verses from Proverbs. His

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