The First Draft #Inspiration #Journey


“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” -Terry Pratchett

I love this quote. I love messy first drafts. I love just getting the words on the page.

It’s a starting point.

Don’t expect that you can arrange your thoughts in a perfectly coherent and polished way on your first draft.

That’s why they call it a draft.

The draft might be the fun part where the story is just starting to unfold to you, but the work and what makes your writing great is the editing and re-writing and formulating that story into something that makes sense to others, not just you.

Don’t be discouraged by first drafts. Don’t put too much pressure on them either.

Just write. Write out your thoughts. Write out elements you want to include in your story.

Then write the first draft for you.

Write the next draft for others.

– Jason



  1. …. and you’re exactly right. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Get your thoughts down, first. Then, once you are seeing them, rearrange them in a way, that speaks to your soul.

    A beautiful quote, and explanation.


  2. I was so disappointed when I first started writing. Expecting brilliant thoughts to leap off the tip of my pen onto paper revealing words of wisdom expressed with lyrical beauty destined to be revered for ages to come… I found instead they were a jumble of disconnected images, sprinkled here and there with small sparks that might possibly, with much work and encouragement become something worth sharing.

    It was a humbling experience changing my perspective on writing dramatically. No matter how much “talent” or “genius” or “creative imagination” one is told they possess, translating thought to page, giving it structure and context is no easy task, put simply, writing is hard work but, with much sweat and perseverance, it can be well worth the effort. 🙂


  3. Finishing your first drafts are one of the best feelings. I mean you just look at the story which you’ve unfolded in front of you. All you need now is to organize it.
    I spend very less time writing a 1000 word page, probably an hour but take 3 hours just to edit and check, again and again.

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