Do Greater Things by Robby Dawkins #Inspiration #BookReview

Do Greater Things_Robby Dawkins

Robby Dawkins’ third book, “Do Greater Things: Activating the Kingdom the Heal the Sick and Love the Lost,” was an inspiring book for Christians and non-Christians, even Atheists, as a challenge to their current beliefs about who He is and what He can do. The book is filled with stories of people who experienced the power of God is real and tangible ways. People’s backs that were in pain for more than twenty years instantly healed. Cancer being completely banished from people’s bodies. Demonic oppression being lifted off of people.

I understand that some of the people who follow me don’t believe in God, and they might not even believe in the miraculous. After reading Dawkins’ first book, “Do What Jesus Did” back in 2014, Dawkins came to a prayer meeting at our church in Beverly, Massachusetts. A Chicagoland pastor in Aurora, IL, a friend invited him to come to our church to teach us how to pray for the sick and experience the miraculous. It was amazing! We got to see people’s long-term pain in their backs and shoulders and necks all healed. Long-standing issues in people’s lives were forever changed. I was even able to pray for someone at the meeting and a suspected cancerous mass in her body was completely gone when she went in for a scan without any treatment!

This book is filled with inspiring stories of how God uses his power in people’s lives to show them that He loves them. He wants them to know that He cares and He can heal them. He also wants to have a real relationship with them and he can use the miraculous as an invitation. My favorite part of the book was when Mr. Dawkins calls on staunch Atheists to pray for others. His idea is that if God is not real, then their faithless prayers, a repeat after me formula, should have no effect and they would remain unchanged. Instead, when these Atheists pray, healings do happen, people’s legs grow out, and lives are forever changed–the person who was healed and the Atheist, who now must respond to the new found knowledge they possess.

Check this book out! And if you don’t believe in Jesus, pray and ask Him to show you Himself to you. Ask Him if He’s real and I assure you that He will respond.


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