Identities #Poetry #Journey

Life after divorce
is lonely.
The ever-present relationship
consuming your heart and mind
is gone.
Now, you have three identities
to sort out.
Who you were before
Who you were in the relationship
Who you are now
Couple friendships fade
A whole new world
of people
with pasts
and pain

I’m not interested
in starting over
I’m still trying
to figure it out
Who I am now

© 2020 Jason A. Muckley



  1. You can only offer your future relationship the true person you will become. Other than that, you will struggle to be something that you’re not, because you would still be “lost.” Keep discovering with a positive attitude. The higher realm is watching and waiting for You to shine.

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  2. I can only imagine how sad u must be feeling.but it’s better to be alone than to be lonely and sad in a relationship. I hope u get over this pain and not only find your identity but also live a cherished fulfilling life.god bless

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  3. Jason, I felt every word of this poem. You described life after divorce perfectly. I understand just how hard this part of the journey really is.

    I am many years past my divorce date. I can tell you that although the roller coaster of emotions never really stops, the twists and turns become fewer and farther between.

    You will discover many great truths about yourself. You will learn strength you never dreamed possible. You will become a better version of yourself, as long as you allow yourself to heal and grow through the pain.

    Hang in there! The light at the end of the tunnel is coming. I promise.

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  4. Great post,Jason!! You are wise in seeking to rediscover yourself. Some relationships by design or inadvertently draw you away from the core of who you are for the sake of the relationship. The best way to find new people is doing what makes you happy and they will find you. Just remember, losing your last relationship will be a door to something better the Universe has for you!!

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  5. Take your time to heal, grow, re-discover who you are and what you love. When the time is right you’ll be a complete person with a whole restored heart to love and be loved. Xxx

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