Let’s Be Weird Together #BookReview #LetsBeWeirdTogether #NetGalley


I loved “Let’s Be Weird Together” by Brooke Barker and Boaz Frankel. It was so cute! I started reading a few pages, somewhat jealous, as I am between relationships right now, and I just kept reading. My last relationship didn’t go so well but I am hopeful about the future after reading this book. I just keep reading and reading and page after page, laughing out loud and I finished it in one sitting.

This book reminds me of all the great things that finding a complement bring into your life. Yes, as the book reiterates over and over, you are weird. Your partner is also weird. Weird + Weird = Way Weirder! This is some of the fun that this book brings out. It is a great gift for someone starting a new relationship. It is a great gift to celebrate a couple’s engagement or even for a wedding gift. There are so many beautiful illustrations and beautiful things that relationships bring into your life.

There are so many “relatable” ideas and thoughts that you “know” but have never thought about before. It was a delightful, funny, little book that any couple could enjoy together.

I received this as an eBook from Workman Publishing Company via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the title. I did not receive any compensation from either company. The opinions expressed herein are completely my own.


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