Flame #Art #Abstract #Original

Original Artwork by Jason A. Muckley Β© 2019

Here is an original piece of artwork I painted. It is an abstract piece, acrylics on paper.

What do you see?

– Jason


  1. A yellow Lily lit by the fire of peace, radiating to all whom can see it’s beauty; equally restricted by the thoughts of the soul.

    A representation of the duality of man between the blue and red flames of desire; that of the heart and that of the flesh.

    It is in balance the fires produce the heat that allows the lily in the middle to shine; for without balance, she could not have grown in nature, without balance, you shall not grow in nature.

    To me, your artwork symbolizes the balance we must achieve in order to realize our true selves; more importantly, that realization allows you to build the confidence to show yourself, knowing the world will try to destroy you.

    In your confidence, guided by the pure heart represented by the light lily of peace in the photo, you shall overcome; no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

    Do not quit.

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