A Blaze of Sunshine #TheSilverChair #CSLewis #Inspiration #Journey

Photo by Pixel2013 on Pixabay

“They had expected to see the gray, heathery slope of the moor going up and up to join the dull autumn sky. Instead, a blaze of sunshine met them. It poured through the doorway as the light of a June day pours into a garage when you open the door. It made drops of water on the grass glitter like beads and showed up the dirtiness of Jill’s tear-stained face. And the sunlight was coming from what certainly did look like a different world–what they could see of it. They saw smooth turf, smoother and brighter than Jill had ever seen before, and blue sky, and, darting to and fro, things so bright that they might have been jewels or huge butterflies.” C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair

Awwww… isn’t Narnia wonderful!

I am so excited to read The Silver Chair, the sixth book in the Chronicles of Narnia again.

It takes me back to the wonderful days of a simpler time in my life. At that time, there was much ahead of me, journeys and adventures, there was much uncertain about what was to come.

There were ups and downs, success and failure, there was so much life to live. As I look at my life today and my choices, I find that there is still much life ahead of me. There are still many choices to be made. There is still a great, wonderful world awaiting. There is so much to explore and learn and experience in this beautiful place we call earth.

Sometimes we feel like we need to go to a fantasy world like Narnia to find ourselves or to change or to discover something new that we never knew was there. I think, instead, we need to see the world about us differently, with new eyes.

Don’t take the beautiful sunset, the magnificent colors changing in the trees, or the beautifully-colored birds splashing in a puddle for granted. Look a little closer. Live a life of gratitude to the Creator. Step into the beauty that you might walk by everyday.

Don’t ignore those signs of majesty. Acknowledge them.

Breathe them in. Savor the moment.

It will impact your outlook. It will transform your sight.

There will be so much more to live for and to enjoy.

– Jason


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