Holiday Nuts and Brach’s Autumn Mix #Fall #Journey #FamilyTraditions

Brachs_Autumn Mix

Happy Friday! I hope you are enjoying the Fall weather (in the Northern hemisphere)!

These sweet morsels are a family favorite… especially when you mix the candy corns with peanuts! Yummm!

There are so many wonderful things about Fall! While I enjoy being outside in the Spring as my favorite season, the fun traditions and memories and coziness of Fall, is a very close second.

In addition to the yummy candy of Fall, I saw the boxes of nuts that come out in the Fall at the grocery store here. For me, these “holiday” nuts as I would call them, remind me of holiday memories with my grandpa Tony. Their home always had them in bowls and I can remember learning to use a nutcracker, no not the funny looking people that come out at Christmas time, but the silver clamps that you can use to crack open nuts in your hand.

Both of these wonderful Fall traditions I hope to continue with my kids as our family moves forward. They are wonderful things that bring back good childhood memories that I hope they would continue one day with their families.

Besides the major holidays, Thanksgiving and Halloween, do you have any family traditions you enjoy in the Fall?

Share below in the comments.

– Jason

Holiday Nuts


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