Tenderfoot Mountain 9/28/19 #Journey #Hiking #Fall #Colorado

Aspen Leaves_Dillon Reservoir_Tenmile Peak_2019-09-28
Aspen Leaves on Tenderfoot Mountain / Dillon Reservoir / Tenmile Peak / Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2019

Trails traveled: Tenderfoot Mountain Trail, Oro Trail, Difficulty: Blue (Moderate)
Loop, 3.5 miles round-trip, 649ft elevation gain
Time: 2.5 hours
Weather: Partly Cloudy

  • Solo Parent with the Kids Hike
  • Aspen Leaves
  • Color
  • Overlook
  • Dillon Reservoir
  • Tenmile Peak
  • Dirt Bikes
  • Forest
  • Epic Views
  • Fall
  • Colorado
  • Mountains

What an awesome hike! I got to take a road trip up to the mountains with my kids this weekend. We drove up to Dillon Reservoir for a hike on Tenderfoot Mountain.

This is the perfect time of year in the mountains to go see the fall colors. I love to go leaf peeping up in the mountains. I don’t even mind the crowds, the traffic and the swarms of people. It is all worth it.

We got in the car and I announced, “We’re going on a road trip. It’s going to take all day. We don’t have a ‘timeline’ for when we need to be back.”

With that mindset the crowds don’t seem to really bother you. Yes, there was traffic. Yes, it took about 45 minutes longer than if it was a weekday to make it Dillon Reservoir. We weren’t up there to make record time. We were up there to make family memories.

After some research about some of the best place to see the fall foliage up in the mountains and trying to find something in my kids’ “range” as far as distance and difficulty, I came up with this hike.

My research paid off. This was a bit of a harder hike than my kids have done before because of the length and elevation gain, but they did great! The fall colors were as brilliant as ever too.

What I loved about this hike was the epic views. There were some stunning panoramic views of Dillon Reservoir and the Tenmile Range, as well as the nearby Uneva Peak, Buffalo Mountain and Red Peak.

Hiking through the gorgeous Aspen trees bursting with orange and yellow and every shade in between was an added bonus.

After the hike, we enjoyed some of the best views of some other favorites leaf peeping spots in Colorado as we drove down CO-9 through Breckenridge and then from Fairplay over Kenosha Pass, one of the busiest fall foliage trailheads in all of Colorado.

What I loved about the Tenderfoot Mountain option was that we got to see views that were as beautiful as some of the sites on Kenosha Pass, but we got to spend time outside with very few people along the trail and we got the added bonus of the views of Dillon Reservoir.

It was a nice infusion of Fall into my weekend just before the cooler temperatures arrive.

Dillon Reservoir_Effects_2019-09-28
Dillon Reservoir as seen from Tenderfoot Mountain / Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2019


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