The House at Pooh Corner #Winnie-the-Pooh #BookReview #AAMilne

The House at Pooh Corner

“The House at Pooh Corner” by A.A. Milne is the follow-up to the beloved children’s classic, “Winnie-the-Pooh.” The book features all of your favorite characters from the original: Pooh bear, Piglet, Rabbit, Roo, and it even introduces a new friend, Tigger.

Told with the same endearing whimsy, Milne’s second children’s book in the series is enchanting. I listened to the audiobook performed by Peter Dennis, who uses unique voices for every character and even adds in his own sound effects, which brings the stories to life.

Some of the values taught in this second book include the importance of friendship and caring for others without hope of anything in return. The book includes some splendid songs and poetry, that the “bear with very little brain” thinks up as wanders about the Hundred Acre Wood.

This book is a delight for children and grown-ups alike.


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