God Might Not “Fix” Things for Me, But He Would Be With Me #AmReading #Inspiration #BecomingMrsLewis #PattiCallahan


“God might not fix things for me, but he would be with me in whatever waited ahead, that was clear.” – Patti Callahan, Becoming Mrs. Lewis

I just started a new book!

Shocker… I know!

This one is written by Patti Callahan, called “Becoming Mrs. Lewis.” It is a historical fiction novel about the life and friendship of Joy Davidman with the great C.S. Lewis, first through letter writing, and then later their romantic relationship and marriage to Lewis. The contrasting narrative details the painful story of her spiraling relationship with an unfaithful and alcoholic husband.

I have quickly read through the first twenty chapters, and I am hooked.

The quote above was particularly profound and rang true.

Joy had just “found” God in a moment of despair and hopelessness, and what she found was a God who is present. He didn’t immediately “fix” all her problems. Her husband was an unfaithful, alcoholic with PTSD from his time fighting in the Spanish Civil War. He still suffered panic attacks. He still would turn to anger when things became too much to bear, however, in the midst of it all, God was still there.

He didn’t leave her.

He didn’t disappear when things got hard.

He was present.

He was real.

If you cannot tell from my commentary above, I am very excited about this book! I can’t wait to read more and tell you about how it was.

Stay tuned!

– Jason


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