Going for Another Fourteener #Journey #Hiking

My attempt to climb a thirteener, i.e. a 13,000+ foot summit hike, yesterday was thwarted by a late start and incoming weather, so I made some plans with friends to go for a fourteener today instead.

We are getting up around 4am, hoping to be to trailhead by 7am, to make it to the summit by 11am or sooner. Storms here in Colorado start rolling in around noon, and the weather report says that at the summit we are looking to do, it maybe before then.

I am hopeful we can stick to the plan and I can add a second peak to my fourteener list and add my first thirteener in this combo hike.

Expected round-trip mileage is about 4 miles and elevation gain is 2,000 feet. This is probably the last chance I will get for this summit this year because of expected road closures in October.

Wish me luck! πŸ˜‰

– Jason



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