Weekends Free #Divorce #Parenting

So something that you never expect to happen after you get married and have three kids is happening to me for the next three weeks… I have three weekends in a row “off” without my kids.

Yes, divorce plays a role here. The schedule is what it is.

What should I do with myself for all those weekends?!

It is the end of the summer, I live in Colorado, one of the mildest climates in the country this time of year, also a beautiful place to explore.

I am broke thanks to my (very adept) lawyer.

Anybody else been there?

Anybody have any ideas?

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

– Jason


  1. Never been in your position before but I think doing anything you enjoy would help fill your free time meaningfully. Going for adventure, learning something new or even doing the past things you enjoy will help you realize other things as beautiful as spending time with your kids (ps: I’m not saying that the time with your children is irreplaceable, just that exploring other things might have reduced your hollow of your free time). Hope you could enjoy your day!

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  2. There may be free events before the summer ends. Here, this is music in the parks through Labor Day weekend. Take a chair and something to snack/drink if needed. A good way to meet people and a nice experience. Museums are also free on a certain day in the month.

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  3. Just enjoy you. Take time to find out what you like all over again,it might have changed. You could always write. I’m sure the next best seller is in there somewhere. And by the way great lawyer lol.

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  4. Whenever I didn’t have my girls, I had to find a way to distract myself to keep from getting down. I’d spend time with friends or family. Go to the movies. Binge watch a show. Keeping my mind busy helped stave off the emptiness.

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  5. Hi…I read this post the day you submitted it. Short on time I couldn’t respond at that moment. Those who commented gave you good advice – find some free events – enjoy nature – become a friend to yourself. I pray you and your former spouse remain civil for the sake of the children. Divorce is no fun. It changes relationships within the family and sometimes even with friends both shared. I wish you the Best of Luck as you move forward! Oh, one last comment: you might want to change the word adept (very proficient) to inept (incompetent). No, I’m not a grammar teacher – merely a blogger that sometimes finds it necessary to look up words. 🙂

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  6. I can understand ur pain and loneliness.But u can utilize the time undoing things u had always dreamt of doing but couldn’t do them.Do whatever makes u happy so that when kids come they see a happy u and remember happiness is contagious..u will spread happiness when u r happy from within

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  7. I’ve thought about divorce so many times over the course of my marriage and what stops me is just this; what you’re reeling. But, was it worth it? Is there an end to the insanity that you must’ve felt when you were together?

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      • Such a mature response. Divorce is not easy but sometimes and in many cases it’s the right path to take for all involved. I think a lot of people stay where they are because there is discomfort in the unknown and the chaos becomes comfort no matter how bad it gets. You simply know what to expect.
        I fought my divorce to the bitter end. When I finally accepted and embraced my new norm, I was so much happier. My life is amazing now and my advice to everyone is…do not fear the unknown. As with anything there is a struggle to get to the other side but once your there, it’s amazing!
        It’s truly a blank slate.
        So I say to you Jason, create your new self and new life.
        Find what you enjoy.
        Take time to learn something new. Try something you always wanted to try.
        We all complain about not having enough time, so now you have it. Use it wisely.


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