All Spirituality is About Letting Go #RichardRohr #Journey #Inspiration

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“All spirituality is about letting go; how to let go of our security, or good reputation, our identity and our self-image.” Richard Rohr, Simplicity: The Freedom of Letting Go

Letting go is very hard for members of Western society.

I know from personal experience.

I think a major part of letting go is recognizing that I am not in control. That I don’t have power over all of the circumstances around me. It is true if I recognize it or not, but I persist in wanting to or having to or trying to control everything.

The answer is to let go.

I think, to an extent, holding onto something or trying to control a situation is actually idolatry. It is putting myself ahead of God, saying that I canย handle this situation better than I think He can. It is also a huge warning sign, pointing out a lack of trust in Him.

When you let go, it puts your trust firmly back on Him. It is an active posturing of the heart, conceding that I do not have this, I am afraid, and I need your help.

His gentle and confident response is always, “I know. Trust me.”

Letting go is something we do every day. It is so easy to grab the reigns and tell the world, “Get out of my way! Here I come! I’ve got this!” Instead, we need to ask God to take over. We need to lay down our lives before Him. “God, I don’t have this. I need your help today. I trust you.”

– Jason



  1. As a devout Muslim, itโ€™s refreshing to read about spirituality and God ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially in a time of ignorance, self indulgence and injustice. Thank you for this โค

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  2. Great thoughts! We all can find comfort in Christ’s advice. I used to leave the day’s issues hanging outside on a tree before entering my home. By leaving them there, I was leaving them with our Lord.


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