Blood Pressure #Poetry

For the first time in years
My blood pressure is down
My heart is healthy again

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley


  1. It’s kind of amazing how our bodies respond to stress. I went through I similar experience where I had to be on BP meds and then when a certain situation changed, my BP suddenly went back to normal and I actually had to stop taking meds so it wouldn’t get too low! I’m happy for you that your health is doing better!

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      • Oh, Jason, I know people like to say divorce is bad, but I felt so much better and healthier after my divorce. The stress dropped; I was able to relax and just be me. I used to suffer from severe back pain. Three chiropractors told me that they could see nothing wrong with my back. I figured out it was my husband’s negativity that caused me to feel such pain-whenever he started his negativity I’d feel stressed and the back pain would start.Now, that he’s out of the picture I feel fine. Divorce is the best medicine! I am enjoying my health now.

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