God’s Giving is Inseparably Connected with Our Asking #AndrewMurray #Prayer #Inspiration

Photo by Daniel Reche on Pixabay

“God’s giving is inseparably connected with our asking.” -Andrew Murray

If anyone knows about answered prayer, it is Andrew Murray.

Why is asking so crucial?

Because in the beginning, God chose humankind as His representatives on the earth. He chose us to be the agents He would work through to demonstrate his glory. He chose us made in His image to reveal who He is to all of creation.

It was Jesus, His son who became man, who He would use to forever reverse sin’s curse and provide a means of a restored relationship between God and all of mankind.

Prayer is a powerful activity that often gets overlooked, ignored, or even forgotten. Not only can you pray to present your requests to God, but pray also to know with greater intimacy who God is, to understand with more clarity what He feels about you, to have more wisdom about what decisions you need to make in your life.

Persevere in your prayers. If they aren’t answered the first time, then pray again. Pray until he tells you the answer: Yes, No, Maybe.

If He tells you ‘Yes’ but you don’t see it, keep praying until you can see His promise fulfilled. If you have trouble persisted, call some friends to pray alongside you.

If you pray and the answer is ‘No,’ then submit your request to Him. You can always ask why, but He isn’t obligated to tell you the answer, or to say ‘Yes.’

Sometimes God’s answer is ‘Maybe’ or ‘Wait.’ In that case, keep praying. Pray for it to come to pass in the waiting. He may reveal new things about your request or He may change your heart about it where it doesn’t become as important a need as you thought it was.

Prayer is not an easy thing to do. It requires a surrendering of ourselves and our will to God’s will. It requires a sacrifice of time. It requires us to look inside and a humility to God’s power that He can do this and we cannot. He desires our hearts to be His. He desires for us to seek Him with all of our hearts, not because He is holding out on us or withholding something or wants to control us, but instead because He is the only one worthy of our heart’s complete devotion.

Everything else will fail us and disappoint. If we worshiped money or possessions, those things fade and disappear. If we worship a spouse or a leader or a celebrity, people die, people are unfaithful, people fall. If we worship ourselves, all of our failures, weaknesses, imperfections reveal what folly such a pursuit really is. If we worship a job, title, position, all of those are so unstable and fleeting.

There is nothing but a perfect, loving, all-powerful God who is worthy of our full devotion.

Murray’s quote continues saying:

“… Only by intercession can that power be brought down from heaven which will enable the Church to conquer the world.”

Murray, as a prayer warrior, was envisioning a new day when heaven comes to earth. A time when the kingdom of heaven would rule here on earth in perfect peace, justice and righteousness.

– Jason

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