Devoid of You #Poetry #Gogyohka

Devoid of You
Photo by Ornella Binni on Unsplash

One day
My thoughts
Move past you
My poems
Devoid of you

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley



  1. Jason, I was really moved by this poem/post!! It really speaks to my experience too. It is nice to be able to “Move On” and not have one’s heart and mind consumed with the loss and pain you’ve been put through. It is nice when you can actually still be able to write without pain and hurt being the motivation or topic of one’s poems. This is such a hopeful piece and I love it!!! I must admit though my writing is never really devoid of Her in some ways because the memories and experiences will always be etched on my heart and soul. But the good news is they only escape into my consciousness now and again as rogue memories and a tiny tinge of bittersweet! So glad to see you are moving in that direction also!

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