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“About Average” by Andrew Clements

“About Average” by Andrew Clements is a fun and engrossing Middle School chapter book for children between the ages of 8-12 years. It is a fictional and inspirational story written for kids about self-esteem, being true to who you are, and about showing others respect.

The story follows Jordan Johnston, a 6th grader, who describes herself as “plain and average.” She has some special skills like organizational skills, horseback riding, babysitting that doesn’t help her get better grades, or make her more popular at school. Jordan also has to deal with mean and rude comments from fellow classmates, but she decides to “kill” these disagreeable classmates with kindness, rather than fighting back with hurtful words or her fists.

These themes teach kids the power of kindness, of staying true to yourself when others don’t appreciate you, and then teaches them to appreciate yourself and your attributes even when others may not. The book was a wonderful way to talk with my 8-year-old daughter about some of these ideas in a way she could understand.

I loved the book and recommend it to everyone looking for positive sources to encourage their own children in these same areas.

– Jason


  1. Thanks for the review Jason. We have this book at work and I’m always looking for recommendations for our patrons.


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