The Pounding Rain #Poetry #Journey #Love

i don’t notice the pounding rain
only my pounding heart
beside you
beating against your body
your warm embrace
the heat of desire
too cold for too long
inside me

© 2023 Jason A. Muckley

I wrote this poem, but the image, its inspiration, was generated using AI on

Something that can be a challenge when writing and then presenting that work is to find or come up with an image to go alongside it. I know some poets, writers post their work without images, but in general, I like to add some imagery or a photograph that enhances what I’ve written.

I think there are some new opportunities to use AI tools such as to generate something you can describe but you’ve never seen before and what results can enhance the writing too. I think it is amazing to think that if you can imagine up something an image of that imaginary thing could come to life in just a few seconds. What a powerful tool!

– Jason



  1. I really like the poem, but am still a skeptic related to AI generated art of any flavor. I can see how it inspired your work, and, like I said, I love the poem – the pounding rain and pounding heart parallel – but I’m guarded when it comes to AI. Has anyone else felt the same way?

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    • Thanks Vincent! I don’t think you are alone. I think original art vs art made uses AI should be differentiated, but I do think it is a tool that can be used by a skilled person to create things no other person could create. Just like other digital tools.

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      • Right. As long as we keep them separated, I can see how it could be used as a creative tool like a canvas and paints. In our culture’s worship of technology, I just fear that distinction will be lost. I see that potential in my students, sadly.

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