Have You Tried Image Creator from Microsoft Bing?! #AI #Art #ImageCreator #Bing

Have you tried Image Creator by Microsoft Bing?!

It is SO COOL! Look at these images I generated using Image Creator powered by DALL·E.

Image Creator is a product to help users generate AI images with DALL·E. Given a text prompt, our AI will generate a set of images matching that prompt.

This is a really powerful, free tool that uses AI to generate some really awesome images. What do you think?

I used a prompt asking for a Red Giant Star with the surrounding solar system and then added some spaceships engaged in a firefight. And after a few tweaks the Image Creator generated some really cool images. It is really fun to play around with and see what comes out.

What are you going to create?

I find the images generated to be inspiring and unique.



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