Thank You for Connecting #Journey #Poetry

I have “come back” to this blog after spending some time away. First, I just want to say how thankful I am for all of the people who stop by regularly to read my poetry, read my posts, check out my art, and engage with me here.

You all are awesome!

Having a place to share my content with others interested in it is special. I feel like when I share my poetry, my artwork, whatever I am jamming to, essentially, my heart, and it is received it is very special to me. Thank you for all of your kind words. Thank you for coming back regularly to see what is new. Thank you being you!

I do try my best to engage on your own blogs, websites, and share my own constructive feedback about what I like and what I am impressed with and what stirs something inside me. I don’t always get to do it as much as I’d like but I do really appreciate you and want you to know that I want to return the favor to all of you.

I am getting close to releasing my next chapbook of poetry, something I talked about doing last year and it all seemed to slip past me. I am a good portion through actually creating a manuscript, I have a title and a cover. The concept might be a bit unique in that it is a book of love poetry, but I am not in love. There is not a significant other in my life at the moment, and yet I know that someday soon I will meet her. It is a bit of that journey, waiting, working through my stuff, and sharing my heart through the process. I have posted some of the poems from the book here, but some have never been seen before by anyone. I am so mysterious.

I expect to release that book sometime next quarter probably, but I don’t have a “release date” that I have settled on yet. Maybe picking that date will motivate me to finish it. Lol

Again, I just want to thank you all for being here, engaging with me, and supporting me. You are the best!

– Jason



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