Politics #Poetry #Journey

Photo by Utsav Srestha on Unsplash

don’t tell me what to believe
i don’t want to debate
arguing doesn’t solve the world’s problems
it’s not me against you
every post
every article
is an invitation to engage
to squabble over
today’s headline
the mindless prattle ad nauseum
it’s an endless waste of time
frankly, i would rather live my life
full and free
than waste my life

© 2023 Jason A. Muckley



  1. I totally agree: “…i would rather live my life / full and free / than waste my life / bickering.” I feel this frustration regularly. It will be expressed in my upcoming post as well. And yet, as a high school English teacher, teaching others the importance of true debate where one must explore and understand both sides of an issue and enter into a meaningful respectful discussion is something we desperately need. We won’t find that modeled in our leaders; it must come from the grassroots. Thanks for sharing from your heart!

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  2. Morning, Jason how on point and in season is this word.
    I find myself withdrawing more and more in a world that just seems to shout at each other constantly no one taking time to have a conversation or to simply listen, it breaks my heart.
    Teaching my children the art of conversation speaking and listening.
    I believe God created us with one mouth and two ears for a reason.

    God bless you xx

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